4 Races
4 Continents
1 Grand Slam

The Mountain Ultra,
220km Over The Himalayas

The 230km Jungle Ultra,
through the Amazon

The 250km Desert Ultra,

The 230km Ice Ultra
across the Arctic

The Jungle Ultra,,
Cross Over 70 Rivers!

The Mountain Ultra,,
Over 38,000ft of incline!

The Desert Ultra,,
Cross the Oldest Desert in the World!

The Ice Ultra,
The Toughest Ice Ultra in the World!

Cloud Forest Base Camp,
the Jungle Ultra


The Jungle Ultra 2016
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Kit List

 Below are the kit requirements for the Jungle Ultra.  These have been broken up into Medical Items, Main Equipment and Suggested Items.  Kit selection is a vital part of any ultra-marathon race strategy so it is important to take into account your individual needs as well as the compulsory equipment when selecting your kit.  

If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - our team are always happy to help!

Medical Items (Compulsory):

Medical Item Details
Paracetamol (acetaminophen) 30 x 500mg of Tablets or Capsules
Loperamide (Imodium) 6 Tablets
Chorpheniramine (Piriton) 10 Tablets
Dioralyte 5 Sachets
Antiseptic Cream 1 Tube
Antiseptic Wipes 10 Wipes
Sting / Bite Relief Cream 1 Tube
Water Purification Tablets or Iodine Liquid 1 Box of Tablets or 1 Bottle of Iodine
Plasters (Band Aids) 5 of Varying Sizes
Bandage 1 Crepe Bandage
Latex Gloves 2 Pairs
Blister Care 4 x Compeed Plasters
Micro-Pore Tape 1 Roll
Needles 2 x 21g Needles
Tweezers 1 Pair
Scalpel Blades 2 x Blades Securely Packaged


 Main Equipment Items (Compulsory):

Equipment Item Details
Appropriate Race Clothing & Footwear  
Deet Spray (Insect Repellent) Minimum 50% Deet Content                                         
Sun Block / Lotion Minimum Factor 15
Enough Salt / Hydration Salts for Entire Race  
2.5 Litres of Water Carrying Capacity Bottles or Bladder
Minimum of 1,500 calories per day as food Food, Snacks, Energy Bars etc
Lightweight Sleeping Bag Min. Temperature 15°C
Head Torch & Spare Batteries  
Hammock Including Rain Fly Sheet (Must have Mosquito Net)  
2 Glow Sticks with 8 Hour Life  
Survival Whistle  
8 Safety Pins  
Rucksack to Carry All Equipment  
Toilet Rolle / Toilet Wipes  
Full Travel Insurance Incl Medical  
Evacuation Insurance Can often be combined with Travel Insurance


Suggested Items:

Item Details
Dry Bag for Essential Kit Can be individual or large overall bags
Night / Camp Clothing     We recommend long arm / leg wear
Coffee / Tea Great after long / tough stages
Poncho / Rain Jacket  
Additional Footwear to Keep Dry for Camps              
Additional Socks to Keep Dry for Camps  
Walking Poles  
High-Energy Snacks  
Comfort Foods / Sweets / Mints  
Anti-Bacterial Wipes / Wet Wipes  
Cleaning Kits with Soap / Toothbrush etc  
Anti-Bacterial Gel  
Buff / Headwear Can be used as shade and to cool with water
Gloves To help with grabbing trees
Money in Peruvian Soles for After Race You can grab a beer and relax in town!


Kit Advice

Each competitor will have individual needs so we advise that competitors add or subtract items from the Suggested Items list, however both the Medical List and Equipment List are compulsory and competitors will not be allowed to participate in the race if a piece of compulsory kit is missing.  

Whilst taking part in the Jungle Ultra you will be required to carry your own kit for the duration of the race so it is in your interest to build the lightest and most useful kit bag possible, whilst still including the compulsory items.  It is important that you include equipment, food and clothing that you will find most helpful in succeeding in your race - your kit selection forms an important part of your race strategy so it is important to ensure that you have everything you need.

Any travel bags in excess of your race backpack and kit can be handed in to Beyond The Ultimate at the designated time and location prior to the race start.  All travel bags should be lockable.


Further Advice

If you have any questions about the kit required for the Jungle Ultra or any other aspect of the race then please do not hestiate to contact us.  A member of our team is always happy to help and will provide as much assisitance as possible.  Contact Us.


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