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On Earth

The Jungle Ultra
230km through the Amazon

Ice Ultra
230km Through The Arctic

Desert Ultra
250km across Namibia

Mountain Ultra
220km Over The Himalayas

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12 February 2016
The Ice Ultra 2016

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Beyond The Ultimate

WIth the tag line, Nothing Tougher, you can't say that you haven't been warned.  These footraces are tough and absolutely full of adventure.  If you haven't got the stomach or the heart for one of these extreme, life changing challenges, you need to look elsewhere for your next race, maybe try your local marathon, an obstacle race or a less extreme ultra, the Ultimate Ultras make no apology for being this tough - they are the ultimate, we are Beyond The Ultimate.

Still here?  Great, read on.  The four races that make up the series are the Jungle Ultra in Peru, the Mountain Ultra in Nepal, the Desert Ultra in Namibia and the Ice Ultra in Arctic Sweden.  Whether you are in it to win or finish, these footraces will test you in ways you never thought possible, expect the unexpected. The Jungle, one of the harshest environments on earth, near 40°C and humidity levels near 100% will push your spirit to the limit and beyond. The Desert, baking sun that seems to hang in the afternoon sky for eternity, almost mocking your short staggered steps as you try and complete your 250k race. The Mountains, your lungs will feel like they're going to explode every step of the way, every step of the 38,000ft of vert will try and tease you in to submission. The Arctic, last but by no means least, and place where very few of us go, with a cold so raw and real, it will burn your skin and freeze your eyes, finishing this one is a matter of survival and a test of will.

The Grand Slam - for the crazy few. The small matter of finishing all 4 races in the series within a 12 month period is the order of the day. Or maybe the Ultimate Club is for you? Finish all 4 races and you're in!

The Ultimate Ultras aren't just a series of races, they are a set of 4, amazing, life changing adventures that will absolutely rock your world!


An intro to the Ice Ultra

We caught up with Andy and Kris for some insight into the Ice Ultra 2016


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