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Most Frequently Asked Questions

If we postpone or cancel the race due to Covid-19:

  • Entrants will be transferred to the next edition of the race at no cost.
  • Otherwise, entrants can apply for a refund of their balance above the non-refundable deposit.

BTU require all runners to have suitable insurance that covers your entry fee should you not be able to participate. It should also cover the entire period you’ll be taking part in the race (inclusive of pickup, travel and drop-off dates either side of the race). You will be asked to provide BTU with a copy of your insurance. As a minimum, your policy must cover organised ultra-running races, medical and related costs for accidents and injury, inclusive of any costs for emergency medical evacuation and transport in the country in which the race takes place.

Please note – BTU cannot legally advise on insurance or recommend any one policy over another. We strongly advise all runners to consult with your chosen insurance provider to clarify that the policy you are purchasing is suitable for your requirements in writing.

Beyond the Ultimate has a decade of experience in organising multi-stage ultramarathons in remote locations. Our expertise spans health and safety in extreme sports, T.V. stunt work, mass participation events and more. Our team includes the full roster of ultra-runners from elite podium winners through the mid to the back of the pack. We consider the race experiences and safety from all participants’ perspectives. We recruit and develop teams local to each race to help manage our events, utilising their priceless local knowledge and logistical know-how. You’ll find a team of qualified medics at all our events, all recruited from within the British NHS. They watch over all our competitors and race team members throughout. All runners also wear a GPS tracking device monitored throughout the race and allows 2-way conversation between the runner and our team wherever they need it.

Our races are tough, but we’ve had a number of runners complete one of our races as their first ultra. If you’re willing to put in the time to train and research the race, then there’s no reason why you can’t complete.

If you sign up for a race, you can join our Facebook group for our runners where you can chat with veterans about their experiences and get any advice on your training, kit and managing your nutrition.

That’s easy. We keep an eye on our mailbox all the time and we’re never happier than when we’re talking to people about our races and adventure related stuff in general. We keep our field of runners small and we count them all as friends. Whatever you’re wondering about our races, just email team@beyondtheultimate.co.uk or book a call with our Race Director.