A Day in the Life - Everything Endurance at the British Ultrafest 24hr Running Championships

On the first weekend in April a uniquely challenging event took place on an athletics track in Crawley...

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On the 400m track at the K2 Leisure Centre, the Freedom Leisure British Ultrafest 24hr Running Championships took place.  A field of 30 runners competed in an event where they would each push to run the greatest distance they were able in a 24hr period.  More still came to run 12 and 6 hour versions of the same event.

That’s 6, 12 or 24 consecutive hours running around the same track.  As endurance events go this is uniquely challenging. It is a cutting back of endurance to a matter purely of running ability and the strength of mind to persevere with almost no distraction from noon one day until noon the next.

In a special ‘outside broadcast’ edition of the podcast, Will talks to the runners and organisers to find out why these athletes take on such massive distances.

Featuring Pam Storey the ultra running veteran who creates this awesome event and, among others, Dan Lawson of Team GB, William Sichel, a multi-record holder and the first Brit to finish the world’s longest foot race within 52 days, and Abichal Sherrington who has completed that same race 6 times among dozens of others from marathon to 1000 miles.

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