Desert Ultra 2018 - Race Results

Here are the final race times for your perusal, including Adam Kimble and Kristina Madsen's new course records!

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The runners are all home now.  Sand is being emptied out of kit bags and running clothes are being boiled wash back to being fit for human use.

Here are the final race times for your perusal, including Adam Kimble and Kristina Madsen’s new course records.

NameRunnerS4 Duration
Abram Nelson4403:58:00
Skirmantas Sukackas6404:50:00
Marcus Smith6004:56:00
Brian Markussen3805:06:00
Benjamin Rodgers5305:10:00
Derrick Khan3105:17:00
Frode Lein05:23:00
Sarah Watson7205:27:00
Barry Cork905:27:00
Marcus Savage5705:30:00
Sam Pearson5005:32:00
Liis Pagil4705:47:00
Simon Wilson7405:52:00
Simon Davies1105:55:00
Stephen Parker4905:57:00
Yosuke Ikuta2605:58:00
Thijs Leroy3606:20:00
Dietmar Rosenau5506:29:00
Reiko Kato2906:39:00
Mel Kinder3306:45:00
Neil Kinder3206:45:00
Charlotte Riley5206:45:00
Sam Rodwell5406:59:00
Christine Horner2407:11:00
Mark Entwistle1207:18:00
Yutaka Fujioka1907:22:00
Edward (James) Savage5807:25:00
AJ Millward4207:25:00
David Hill2207:29:00
Karl Hinett707:34:00
Henry Chaplin607:34:00
Douglas Ruddock5607:39:00
Flossie Carpenter407:39:00
Sarah Vaughton6907:46:00
Charlotte Fox1607:53:00
Mike Fox1707:53:00
Giles Hindle2307:55:00
Kamei Tomotaka6708:02:00
Richard French1808:16:00
Nigel Fishburn1508:22:00
Max Labouchere3508:25:00
Alexander Stephenson6108:25:00
Tarquin Stephenson6208:25:00
Charles Wallis7008:30:00
Richard Van Aardt6808:30:00
Betina Karlsen2808:50:00
Robert Hutchinson2508:55:00
Jacqui Burke309:05:00
Zoe Carr509:05:00
Nakata Keiko3009:10:00
Naoi Tanaka6609:17:00
Yoshiaki Ishihara2709:17:00
Takashi Okada4509:17:00
Ranger One09:22:00
Isabelle Kurzava3409:28:00
Timothy Wright7510:15:00
Keiko Matsuo3910:20:00
Amy Strode6310:25:00
Anna Rhodes5110:26:00

*time includes penalty


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