Desert Ultra 2022 | Stage Two

As the majestic Brandberg Mountain looms over the course, so did the sun today. it’s been punishing for our runners.

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As the majestic Brandberg Mountain looms over the course, so did the sun today. it’s been punishing for our runners. 

With temperatures reaching 37 degrees by 9 o’clock this morning, and rising further through the day, our runners knew they were in for a tough time. Everyone had a story to tell in camp tonight. When you’re pushing to find the limits of what you’re capable of, there are inevitably battles to overcome. There was plenty of relief on the faces of the runners as they crossed the line.

The scenery today has been stunning though and spirits were high as the sun set and the sky turned a lurid purple and the temperature dropped.

Kristina Madsen achieved another stunning victory today and she stays on track to beat her course record and take the overall race win. A cracking performance today from Jack Tunney saw him finish level with Bernard Dufour who had pushed Kristina hard in the morning before falling away. They teamed up to form a strong partnership helping them achieve joint 2nd position. Christina Khinast was the 2nd woman to arrive and Andreas Gast the 3rd man.

Other bonds are forming through the field. Marie-Louise Alemany and Vanessa Kellie have created a very ‘chatty’ team approach and are now the joint third women on the leaderboard. Craig Williams and Lee Quinn also forming another strong team to take joint 10th overall.

Congratulations to all of our runners. They’ll sleep well tonight.

You can see the full results below.

Stage Two Results:

Race NumberNameM/FFinish TimeTime taken
18Kristina Madsenf13:48:0005:48:00
3Bernard Dufourm14:07:0006:07:00
12Jack Tunneym14:07:0006:07:00
39Andreas GastM14:16:0006:16:00
15Karl Alvarezm14:42:0006:42:00
9David Clementsm15:57:0007:57:00
35Simon Redmanm16:05:0008:05:00
5Christian Spangenbergerm16:18:0008:18:00
4Brian Bellm16:50:0008:50:00
7Craig Williamsm17:00:0009:00:00
19Lee Quinnm17:00:0009:00:00
11Gragorz Tuszniom17:01:0009:01:00
34Silvia Czajaf17:03:0009:03:00
32Rafeal Lochowskim17:06:0009:06:00
1Alex Linkenbachm17:18:0009:18:00
6Christina Khinastf17:23:0009:23:00
22Marie Louise Alemanyf17:29:0009:29:00
38Vanessa Kellief17:29:0009:29:00
25McKenzie Madisonm17:31:0009:31:00
26Mia Thomsenf17:44:0009:44:00
20Marcus Bealem17:59:0009:59:00
36Simon Werganm17:59:0009:59:00
21Marianne Kleistf18:00:0010:00:00
29Peter Kleistm18:00:0010:00:00
31Phillip Tunneym18:25:0010:25:00
37Stephen Murraym18:25:0010:25:00
8David Guetzm18:29:0010:29:00
28Olivia Keatingf18:41:0010:41:00
33Sherif Owadallym18:50:0010:50:00
17Kelly Lasleyf20:50:0012:50:00
10Dietmar RosenaumDNF
24Mark HambermDNF
27Mitchel NewthmDNF
2Alison GayfDNS
13Joe AskewmDNS
14Johnathan MillermDNS
16Kathryn DohertyfDNS
23Mark GoosensmDNS
30Peter GodbeheremDNS

Overall Results after Stage Two:

Race NumberNameFinish TimeTime takenFinish TimeTime takenTotal Time
18Kristina Madsen13:28:0005:28:0013:48:0005:48:0011:16
3Bernard Dufour13:56:0005:56:0014:07:0006:07:0012:03
12Jack Tunney14:01:0006:01:0014:07:0006:07:0012:08
39Andreas Gast14:15:0006:15:0014:16:0006:16:0012:31
15Karl Alvarez14:16:0006:16:0014:42:0006:42:0012:58
35Simon Redman15:05:0007:05:0016:05:0008:05:0015:10
5Christian Spangenberger15:02:0007:02:0016:18:0008:18:0015:20
9David Clements16:02:0008:02:0015:57:0007:57:0015:59
4Brian Bell16:15:0008:15:0016:50:0008:50:0017:05
11Gragorz Tusznio16:06:0008:06:0017:01:0009:01:0017:07
7Craig Williams16:15:0008:15:0017:00:0009:00:0017:15
19Lee Quinn16:15:0008:15:0017:00:0009:00:0017:15
6Christina Khinast16:05:0008:05:0017:23:0009:23:0017:28
1Alex Linkenbach16:38:0008:38:0017:18:0009:18:0017:56
22Marie Louise Alemany16:45:0008:45:0017:29:0009:29:0018:14
38Vanessa Kellie16:45:0008:45:0017:29:0009:29:0018:14
25McKenzie Madison16:51:0008:51:0017:31:0009:31:0018:22
32Rafeal Lochowski17:21:0009:21:0017:06:0009:06:0018:27
34Silvia Czaja17:33:0009:33:0017:03:0009:03:0018:36
20Marcus Beale16:42:0008:42:0017:59:0009:59:0018:41
36Simon Wergan16:51:0008:51:0017:59:0009:59:0018:50
26Mia Thomsen17:28:0009:28:0017:44:0009:44:0019:12
21Marianne Kleist17:35:0009:35:0018:00:0010:00:0019:35
29Peter Kleist17:35:0009:35:0018:00:0010:00:0019:35
37Stephen Murray17:28:0009:28:0018:25:0010:25:0019:53
28Olivia Keating17:24:0009:24:0018:41:0010:41:0020:05
31Phillip Tunney17:55:0009:55:0018:25:0010:25:0020:20
33Sherif Owadally18:07:0010:07:0018:50:0010:50:0020:57
8David Guetz17:51:0009:51:0019:29:0011:29:0021:20
17Kelly Lasley19:55:0011:55:0020:50:0012:50:0024:45
2Alison Gay18:04:0010:04:00DNSDNF
10Dietmar Rosenau17:26:0009:26:00DNFDNF
14Johnathan Miller17:52:0009:52:00DNSDNF
24Mark HamberDNFDNFDNF
27Mitchel NewthDNFDNFDNF
30Peter GodbehereDNFDNSDNF
13Joe AskewDNSDNS
16Kathryn DohertyDNSDNS
23Mark GoosensDNSDNS

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