Everything Endurance #33 | A photo that sparked a world-wide debate with Sophie Power

A single photo taken of Sophie Power sparked an important world-wide discussion...

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Sophie Power is an ultra-runner with an impressive CV including the MDS, running for Great Britain at Spartathlon, and completing the UTMB.

It was during this particular race that a photo, taken of Sophie whilst she breastfed her 3-month-old at the checkpoint in Courmayeur, went viral and sparked debates around the world. Suddenly, this relatively private athlete was at the heart of a conversation around the world about the obstacles women, and mothers in particular, face in sport.

In this episode, we chat to Sophie about her journey into ultra-running, her sudden appearance in the international spotlight, and about becoming an advocate for womeninsport.org

If you’ve been inspired by Sophie’s story (and how could you not be!) look for @ultra_sophie on instagram to follow her exploits.

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