Everything Endurance #35 | Crossing Kyrgystan and other Mountainous Adventures with Jenny Tough

Jenny Tough is not an athlete who takes no for an answer...

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Jenny Tough is not an athlete who takes no for an answer.  Many people told her that flying alone to Kyrgystan and running through the Tian Shan Mountain Range was a bad idea.  Not least because she’d be running unsupported in a country where there are next to no guidebooks or maps to help you plan your adventure.

Nevertheless, Jenny completed that run and it led her to a new goal of running a mountain range on every continent on the planet.

This week’s episode takes us from Kyrgystan, to Morrocco, on to Bolivia and then to New Zealand as we talk about Jenny’s approach to expeditions and her motivation for taking on these epic challenges. 

Read more amazing stories and watch her excellent short films at https://jennytough.com/

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