Everything Endurance #38 | Setting a Course Record in your First Ever Ultra with Kasia Orzechowska

Kasia bagged a Course Record, an Overall Stage Win and First Female in her first ever Ultra-Marathon

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When Kasia Orzechowska made the decision to follow her dream of running a multi-stage ultra-marathon in the Desert, she was 7 months pregnant and resettling in a new country. 13 months later she arrived in Namibia having trained hard, researched her kit, but having never run further than a marathon.

Faced with 5 days and 250km of hard running in temperatures of 50°c and above, Kasia rose to the challenge and was not only the first woman to reach the finish line, she also broke the previous course record set by Kristina Madsen, a world record-breaking runner we’ve featured on this show in the past.

In this episode, we talk through her training journey, her experience in the Namib desert, and what the future holds for this exceptional runner who is now entering races as a sponsored athlete.

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