Everything Endurance #39 | Running in Mountains, Training in Warzones with Stephanie Case

Stephanie Case is a UN Human Rights Lawyer, Founder of the charity Free to Run and an elite Ultra Runner

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Finding reasons not to train is rarely a problem for most of us.  Nothing stops today’s guest from achieving ultra-running excellence though. 

Not the fact that she works an extremely challenging role as a human rights lawyer in conflict zones, not the fact that she also gives her time to the charity she founded, not even the fact that much of her training has to take place in small concrete compounds surrounded by security.

Today we chat to Stephanie Case about her running journey, her unusual training regime and about Free to Run, a charity which supports women in conflict zones through adventure sports, helping to improve their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.  A charity of which she is founder and president.

Learn more about Free to Run and how you can support them at freetorun.org #empowermentthroughsport

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