Everything Endurance #41 | 78 Peaks in a Day, a new Lakeland 24hr Record with Kim Collison

In just under 24hrs, Kim reached the top of 78 Lakeland peaks, covering 175km (109 miles) and 11,890m (39,000ft) of ascent

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At 3am on Saturday 11th July, Kim Collison set off from the quiet darkness of a small Lake District village with a running record in his sights that had stood for more than 20 years.  24hrs later he had returned to the start of his challenge having reached the top of 78 Lakeland peaks.  In all, he covered 175km (109 miles) with 11,890m (39,000ft) of ascent.

Kim Collison has been a prominent figure in British ultra-running for some years now,  who’s accolades including being British Trail Running Champion in 2014, wins at the Lakeland 50, Lakes in a Day and Arc of Attrition races among others, and a Winter Bob Graham record which he bagged in December last year.

In this episode, Kim talks us through his journey into running, the things that keep him motivated, and the highs and lows of 24hrs of running through some of the UK’s lumpiest terrain!

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