Everything Endurance #51 | Packing for Multi-Stage Races and Fastpack Adventures with Kris King

How do you choose a pack for a fastpacking adventure? How do you pack for days on the trail? Where does a bald man's face stop and head start? All this and more...

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Kris King is a Race Director and Adventurer with a history of fastpacking style adventures, multi-stage races, and even a 31-day running tour of the UK. He has tried and tested a multitude of backpacks on the trail over the years.

What should you consider when choosing the right backpack? How should you approach packing it? How can you avoid chaffing and rubbing whilst running/hiking with your pack?

All these questions and more, such as what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a runner pack for a race and where does a bald man stop washing his face, are answered by Kris and Will in this latest episode.

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