Everything Endurance #52 | BROKEN - 2020 The Year Running Records were Rewritten with Ally Beaven

Nobody has followed this year of FKTs closer than Ally Beaven. We chat to him about the book he has written about this record breaking summer of running...

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Three letters have dominated ultra-distance running this year and those three letters are FKT. As the pandemic put paid to most runner’s plans, their thoughts collectively turned to other outlets for their competitive natures and records began to fall on a near-daily basis.

In Broken, Ally Beaven takes an entertaining look at just why 2020 was so unusual for long-distance running. With his interest in Fastest Known Times (FKTs) piqued, Beaven immerses himself in the scene. His summer becomes one of spending hours in the hills feeding, cajoling and generally trying to keep alive the runners he is supporting, as well as following the dots of live trackers in the middle of the night and endlessly refreshing his Twitter feed as records tumble around the country.

Who looked the most knackered? Who took on the biggest challenge? What is Ally willing to draw in the signed copies? These questions answered and more as Will and Ally chat through the ups and downs of putting this amazing book together.

Be aware, this episode comes with a ‘colourful language’ warning!

Pre-order at www.v-publishing.co.uk/books/narratives/broken

Read Ally’s blog at quickquickpotato.wordpress.com

Watch the podcast on YouTube below, or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you get your podcasts.

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