Everything Endurance #57 | The Science of Sleep and how to get more of it with Greg Potter

Join us for a deep and detailed dive into sleep with Resilient Nutrition co-founder Greg Potter

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Greg Potter is co-founder of Resilient Nutrition and a renowned expert on the effects of sleep and nutrition on health. In this episode, we take a deep and detailed dive into what sleep is for, the problems caused by poor sleep, and how to get better sleep.

At a time when most of us have experienced a lot of disruption in our day to day routines, we look at how all of us can get the benefit of more and better rest, as well as sleep tactics for those training and racing.

Greg Potter has worked with medal-winning athletes, world record-setting rowers, and even the US Special Forces, and has a self-confessed passion for helping people to live happier and healthier lives.

Resilient Nutrition, the company he co-founded in 2020, make tasty nut-butter-based products enhanced to boost stamina, keep you calm and alert, and bolster resilience. Their brand new range of Elite Long Range Fuels is ideal for endurance athletes or anyone with adventure ahead of them, and can be found exclusively in the BTU store: store.beyondtheultimate.co.uk/collections/nutrition

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