Everything Endurance #61 | Fuelling to Perform with Greg Potter

In Part 3 of our series with Greg Potter, we look at how, what, and when to eat to be best prepared to perform whatever race/adventure you're tackling

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In Part 3 of our series of podcasts with Greg Potter, we continue our deep dive into nutrition with a look at how, what, and when to eat to be best prepared to perform.

We talk through how to train your gut in the few weeks before an endurance challenge to minimise the risk of in-race digestive problems (‘danger-pants’), we look at the days before the event and explore carb-loading, before getting into race-day fuelling, and the different needs of the body in extreme environments.

Greg Potter is co-founder of Resilient Nutrition and wrote his PhD about circadian rhythms, sleep, nutrition, and metabolism.

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