Everything Endurance #64 | Making Every Moment Count with Steve Bate MBE

Paralympic cyclist Steve Bate has won multiple gold medals, set a world record and received an MBE

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In 2011, avid climber Steve Bate found out he was losing his eyesight and the condition causing it could not be stopped. Though initially rocked by the news, it led Steve to realise that he wanted to make every moment of his life count and he wasn’t going to let his condition get in the way.

Since then his journey has taken him up the face of El Capitan making him the first visually impaired person to solo ‘El Cap’, and then to joining the Team GB Paralympic Cycling team with whom he has now won multiple gold medals, set a world record, and receive an MBE.

Will and Steve talk about his journey to being a world-beating cyclist and about his upcoming attempt to set a world record for cycling from Cairo to Cape Town.

Learn more about Steve and his adventures at: www.stevebatembe.com

Learn more about the Highland Ultra: bit.ly/3gcBnip

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