Everything Endurance #65 | Re-Conquering the Pennine Way with John Kelly

John Kelly recent set a new record for running the 268mile length of the Pennine Way in 58:04:53

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John Kelly is an exceptional ultra-runner with a habit of being very successful at running outrageously long distances in difficult conditions.  It’s little surprise then that his latest effort to break the record for running the Pennine Way resulted in him setting a new fastest time, having covered the 268 miles in 58:04:53.

John originally broke this record in 2020 only to see it smashed again by Damian Hall a week later.  We chat about how he beat his first time by more than 6hrs (and Damian’s by more than 3!).

There’s also a bonus interview with Dr Nicki Lygo who crewed both John and Damian’s Pennine Way attempts and just got back from crewing for Damian as he successfully broke the Coast to Coast record. 

Support Nicki’s End Duchenne JustGiving fund here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/endduchenne

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