Everything Endurance #76 | The Long Journey to the 'Double Lon Las' with Tom Garrod

Tom Garrod goes the extra-mile to raise awareness of testicular cancer after surviving a near fatal case of it himself.

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On 14th October, Tom Garrod started the 253mile Lon Las Cymru Ultramarathon, a grueling race from the north to the south of Wales. When he reached the finish line, he turned around and raced back to the start alone – all to raise money for Kings College Hospital in memory of Mark Thornberry, a well-known fellow ultra-runner who sadly passed from liver cancer last year.

17 years earlier, Tom was diagnosed with stage IV testicular cancer and given a 5% chance of survival. In this episode, we hear all about his story of defying those odds and the journey afterward that led him into his amazing achievements as an ultra-athlete and his efforts to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

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Donate to his Double Lon Las fundraiser here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/doublelonlascymru4thorners

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