Everything Endurance #86 | The Mountain Ultra

Beyond the Ultimate's first-ever Mountain Ultra in Kyrgyzstan took place recently and now you can hear all about it...

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In this brand new episode, Will Roberts chats to Jon Shield and Kristina Madsen. Hear all about how they went about winning the recent Mountain Ultra, Beyond the Ultimate’s inaugural race through the remote and beautiful Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

You’ll also hear from Race Director Kris King about his experience of creating and directing one of the toughest races in the BTU Global Race Series.

This race saw a first batch of pioneering runners take on 200km of technical trail with more than 10,500m of climbing over 5 gruelling days, all against the stunning backdrop of the breathtaking Tian Shan Mountain Range. Our winners will talk you through their time among those stunning peaks.

For anybody considering the Mountain Ultra – this is a must-listen. You’ll hear some excellent advice on how best to prepare and plan for an adventure among the summits.

You’ll also sample the winning mindsets of these two exceptionally driven runners as they reflect on the massive goals they’ve reached in their relatively short careers in ultra-running so far.

Entries for Mountain Ultra 2024 are available now. Learn more, download a free Race Pack and enter here.

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*Please note – Jon Shield’s interview has no video and the audio is occasionally lower quality due to signal problems when recording.

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Kris King: 0:08:29

Jon Shield: 0:40:29

Kristina Madsen: 1:25:55

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