Everything Endurance #89 | Rising to Massive Challenges with Jenny Hall

Will and Jenny discuss Jenny's Desert Ultra experience and also dig into what you can expect if you sign up for a massive challenge of your own!

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In this special ‘extra’ episode Will chats with Jenny Hall who has just returned from completing Desert Ultra 2023, her first-ever ultra-distance event.

Jenny is the Marketing Manager at BTU/Spine Race and she signed up to the Desert Ultra less than a year ago having never taken part in an event like it. In that short time, Jenny turned herself into a successful ultra-runner and grabbed a finisher’s medal under incredibly tough conditions in Namibia this November.

This interview represents a unique opportunity in that Will went through almost the same journey a few years ago, going from a standing start to finishing the Ice Ultra in less than 12 months. In this episode, the pair discuss Jenny’s experiences in Namibia and also mine into what you can expect if you sign up for a massive challenge of your own. In this thorough and frank conversation, the pair cover the challenges involved from fitting in training, researching kit, understanding nutrition, completing the race itself, and also managing the emotional come-down that hits some people afterwards.

If this episode helps a single runner to find the confidence to work towards their own epic adventure, or to overcome their own imposter syndrome then Will and Jenny will both be happy!

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