Everything Endurance #23 | Breaking the Spine with Eoin Keith

Eoin Keith is a world record holding ultra-runner with a penchant for excelling at running epic-distance events.

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Eoin Keith has been running ultras since the late 90s but shows no sign of slowing down.

In his illustrious career as a runner of immense distances, Eoin has excelled in ultra and adventure racing as well as 24hr and 6-day running events, but is best known for breaking the world record for the fastest crossing of Ireland on foot (550km in 3 days, 3hrs and 47 minutes) and for his multiple podiums, and overall win in 2016, of the Montane Spine Race.

Here he chats to Will and Kris about sleep deprivation, motivation and what he has learned during his many successes on the Spine. 

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