Everything Endurance #19 | FKTs and Desert Running with Adam Kimble

Adam is an exceptional ultra-runner with some amazing stories. So we asked him about 90s cartoons...

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Adam Kimble makes his second appearance on Everything Endurance shortly after joining the Beyond the Ultimate team as a Race Director!

Kris and Will chat to Adam about his Great British Adventure in which he and Kris ran John O’Groats to Lands End with the 3 Peaks along the way. We also cover Adam’s upcoming FKT in which he’s looking to take a record from one Mr Killian Jornet. The conversation then somehow veers onto obscure 90s cartoons, but that sort of thing is to be expected by now.

Kimbledore also shares some of his top tips for successfully running desert ultras.

Adam is a very accomplished ultra-runner who has won and set course records at the Gobi March and Desert Ultra among others.

Many thanks to bigmoosecoffeecompany.co for helping to make this possible.

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