Everything Endurance #27 | Writing your own Ultra-Marathon Training Program with Kris King

King Krizzy's insights into the daunting task of setting a training plan for an ultra-marathon

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Co-host Kris King is a successful Race Director who has lead runners through tough environments all around the world. But he is also an experienced ultra-runner, and formerly a full-time strength and fitness coach.

Recorded back in the mists of time, in those halcyon, pre-Lockdown days, this episode includes our attempt at getting grime supremo Stormzy to produce a new theme tune as well as King Krizzy’s insights into the seemingly daunting task of setting yourself a training plan for taking on a major endurance challenge.

Drawing on his wealth of experience, in this episode we talk through how to plan your training for an ultra-marathon. Whether you’re brand new to this and feeling overwhelmed by the information out there, or just looking to improve your performances, this is the podcast for you.

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