Highland Ultra 2023 | Final Results

The winners of Highland Ultra 2023 are Fredrik Pettersen, Axel Jansson and Lauren Gregory, who also took 6th place overall.

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Last night the sun set on another amazing Highland Ultra race. The runners and race team somehow found enough energy reserves to pass the evening celebrating. They talked through their adventure in the West Highlands as the ceilidh band played, the campfire burned, and a colossal amount of curry was consumed. The hardiest were up for hours under the stars.

Stage Three started 5 minutes ahead of schedule entirely because our runners were impatient to get to the after-party and had all assembled ahead of time at the start line. The plan was to have the fastest runners take a breathtaking ridgeline route which leads to a world-beating view of Loch Nevis and Inverie far, far below.

Unfortunately, the wind speeds were worse than forecast in the morning and thick low clouds brought visibility down to next to nothing. Though disappointed not to see even more of this stunning area, nobody complained about being united with their luggage and being handed a beer and burger earlier than expected.

The stage being shorter, the runners arrived in relatively quick succession and in good condition. A crowd steadily gathered around the finish line and the congratulations became louder and longer for each finisher until the last placed runner was celebrated loudest of all and the after-party began.

The winners of Highland Ultra 2023 are Fredrik Pettersen, Axel Jansson and Lauren Gregory, who also took 6th place overall. Kyri Pittalis came 3rd after a very strong final half of the race, and Susie Drinkwater and Sarah Scarth completed the women’s podium, a pattern the pair had set and stuck to from Stage One.

We’re pleased to note that all 3 of the top women finished in the top 10.

Also, 40% of this year’s entrants were women and they made up just under 50% of the finishers.

Thanks once again for following our runners. We hope you enjoyed your look into this stunning area of Scotland. If you want to join us in Inverie next April and see the full picture, you can enter Highland Ultra 2024 here.


33Axel Jansson 12:1903:09
45Fredrik Pettersen 12:1903:09
48Kyriacos Pittalis 12:2303:13
47Simon Pitchford 12:2903:19
36Will Kerr 12:3303:23
24Lauren Gregory 12:4003:30
17Susie Drinkwater 12:4103:31
28Stefan Hemstrom 12:4803:38
52Sarah Scarth 12:5003:40
16Jessica Dicks 12:5303:43
3James Barron 12:5903:49
50Ollie Russell 13:0303:53
5Rose Blackie 13:1304:03
12Louise Cole 13:1304:03
23Hannah Goldring 13:1604:06
42Zuzana Nemeckova 13:1704:07
51Andy Sampson 13:1804:08
44Sabrina Pace-Humphreys 13:2204:12
6Simon Blair 13:2304:13
49Richard Poulton 13:2904:19
25Ulrika Gustafsson 13:3304:23
57Maximilian Triebnigg 13:3304:23
11Jazmin Cole 13:3604:26
35Danny Johnston 13:3804:28
54Kim Spence 13:5204:42
53Simon Small 13:5704:47
56Mia Thomsen 14:0704:57
43Ben Ollivere 14:0904:59
34sarka jeremic 14:1305:03
9Ed Carter 14:1905:09
41Grace Natoli 14:3505:25
55Phil Tailby 14:3605:26
29Kyle Henderson 14:4405:34
37Per Kronstrom 14:4605:36
7Ann-Sofie Brittmark 14:4805:38
38Ann Marie Larkin 15:0305:53
4Harry Benson 15:3306:23
21Nicholas Edwards 15:3906:29
27Simon Harris 15:4606:36
40Ryan Moore 15:4606:36
1Sherry Barker 16:1707:07
32Heidi Isernhagen 16:1707:07
18George Economou 16:1907:09
19Maria Economou 16:1907:09
20Nicky Economou 16:1907:09
15Wendy Dale 16:3107:21
14Marilena-lulia Cotan 17:0807:58
59Guy Wolverson 17:1908:09
2Calvin Barnard DNSDNS
8Tom Bukowski DNSDNS
30Mark Henderson DNSDNS
46Matt Pilgrim DNSDNS


PositionRace NumberNAME OVERALL TIME
133Axel Jansson 15:34
145Fredrik Pettersen 15:34
348Kyriacos Pittalis 16:58
436Will Kerr 17:18
547Simon Pitchford 17:40
624Lauren Gregory 17:53
717Susie Drinkwater 18:16
850Ollie Russell 18:17
928Stefan Hemstrom 18:52
1052Sarah Scarth 18:55
1112Louise Cole 20:01
1249Richard Poulton 20:32
133James Barron 21:00
1442Zuzana Nemeckova 21:05
1523Hannah Goldring 21:17
1616Jessica Dicks 21:22
176Simon Blair 21:37
1854Kim Spence 21:46
1944Sabrina Pace-Humphreys 21:48
2051Andy Sampson 21:57
2135Danny Johnston 22:19
229Ed Carter 22:35
234Harry Benson 22:51
245Rose Blackie 22:52
2557Maximilian Triebnigg 22:53
2625Ulrika Gustafsson 22:57
2753Simon Small 23:00
2856Mia Thomsen 24:16
2943Ben Ollivere 25:03
3034sarka jeremic 25:40
3141Grace Natoli 26:51
3238Ann Marie Larkin 27:27
3355Phil Tailby 28:03
347Ann-Sofie Brittmark 28:30
3529Kyle Henderson 28:58
3615Wendy Dale 30:02
3721Nicholas Edwards 30:23
3840Ryan Moore 31:29
3932Heidi Isernhagen 32:25
1Sherry Barker DNF
2Calvin Barnard DNF
8Tom Bukowski DNF
11Jazmin Cole DNF
14Marilena-lulia Cotan DNF
18George Economou DNF
19Maria Economou DNF
20Nicky Economou DNF
27Simon Harris DNF
30Mark Henderson DNF
37Per Kronstrom DNF
46Matt Pilgrim DNF
59Guy Wolverson DNF

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