Highland Ultra 2023 | STAGE TWO

After the never-ending drizzle that besieged our runners on Stage One, all assembled were hopeful for a drier morning today. Unfortunately, this morning we learned the phrase 'clagged in'.

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After the never-ending drizzle that besieged our runners on Stage One, all assembled were hopeful for a drier morning today. Unfortunately, this morning we learned the phrase ‘clagged in’, a word that Scottish people will be familiar with that denotes a day where the air is thick with mist and moisture. The clouds covered the summits and the runners braced for the worst.

Steadily over the day though, that clag burned away and, though temperatures were extremely cold at height, the weather was relatively kind to our athletes.

Stage Two begins with a massive climb, a technical ascent from sea-level to over 400m up what appears to be a cliff face when viewed from camp. That is a taste of what this stage is all about – incredible views as rewards for extremely tough climbs. When not scaling walls, the runners found extremely boggy conditions on the trails along the ridge-lines and plateaus.

Consequently, we have some very tired runners at Kinloch Hourn tonight, but by all accounts they are pulling together, acting as each other’s cheer-leaders and race crew.

No change at the very top of the leaderboard today as the dynamic duo of Axel Jansson and Fredrik Pettersen once again took the win. Will Kerr took 3rd overall today, a big improvement on his 7th-place finish yesterday.

Lauren Gregory was once again the first woman home and took overall again. In similarly similar circumstance Susie Drinkwater was 2nd woman and 8th overall again too. Sarah Scarth was the 3rd woman once again and took 10th.

Simon Harris, Guy Wolverson, and Maria and George Economou, the 4 of whom took a wrong turn earlier in the day and were driven along the course to complete the route from CP2. They’ll drop off the leaderboard, but we wanted them to get the most out of their day in the beautiful West Highland hills.

Stage Three begins at 9:15am tomorrow. There will be 2 routes. Those who reach Mt Barrisdale before 2pm will be allowed to take a high ridgeline route with outstanding views of our Long Beach Camp and the beautiful bay in which Inverie resides. Those who don’t will take the same route back to Inverie that they took out of it on Stage One. Those taking the lower line will be short-course finishers, whilst those on the high line will make up the leaderboard.

Stage Two Results

133Axel Jansson 13:3406:34
145Fredrik Pettersen 13:3406:34
336Will Kerr 14:0707:07
448Kyriacos Pittalis 14:1307:13
547Simon Pitchford 14:2107:21
624Lauren Gregory 14:4107:41
750Ollie Russell 14:4307:43
817Susie Drinkwater 14:4807:48
928Stefan Hemstrom 15:0208:02
1052Sarah Scarth 15:0408:04
1112Louise Cole 15:3208:32
1216Jessica Dicks 15:3708:37
1349Richard Poulton 15:5708:57
1442Zuzana Nemeckova 16:0009:00
159Ed Carter 16:0209:02
1635Danny Johnston 16:0509:05
1723Hannah Goldring 16:0609:06
1857Maximilian Triebnigg 16:1209:12
1954Kim Spence 16:2009:20
203James Barron 16:2409:24
204Harry Benson 16:2409:24
2244Sabrina Pace-Humphreys 16:2509:25
2251Andy Sampson 16:2509:25
2453Simon Small 16:3109:31
256Simon Blair 16:3709:37
2625Ulrika Gustafsson 16:4709:47
2756Mia Thomsen 17:3010:30
2834sarka jeremic 17:3210:32
295Rose Blackie 17:4310:43
3043Ben Ollivere 18:1111:11
3141Grace Natoli 18:2311:23
3232Heidi Isernhagen 18:3411:34
3338Ann Marie Larkin 18:4011:40
347Ann-Sofie Brittmark 19:2312:23
3555Phil Tailby 19:4312:43
3615Wendy Dale 19:4912:49
3621Nicholas Edwards 19:4912:49
3840Ryan Moore 20:0813:08
3929Kyle Henderson 20:3413:34
2Calvin Barnard DNFDNF
8Tom Bukowski DNFDNF
14Marilena-lulia Cotan DNFDNF
18George Economou DNFDNF
19Maria Economou DNFDNF
27Simon Harris DNFDNF
30Mark Henderson DNFDNF
59Guy Wolverson DNFDNF
1Sherry Barker DNSDNS
11Jazmin Cole DNSDNS
20Nicky Economou DNSDNS
37Per Kronstrom DNSDNS
46Matt Pilgrim DNSDNS

Overall Results after Stage Two

PositionRace NumberNAME OVERALL TIME
133Axel Jansson 12:25
145Fredrik Pettersen 12:25
348Kyriacos Pittalis 13:45
436Will Kerr 13:55
547Simon Pitchford 14:21
624Lauren Gregory 14:23
750Ollie Russell 14:24
817Susie Drinkwater 14:45
928Stefan Hemstrom 15:14
1052Sarah Scarth 15:15
1112Louise Cole 15:58
1249Richard Poulton 16:13
134Harry Benson 16:28
1442Zuzana Nemeckova 16:58
1554Kim Spence 17:04
163James Barron 17:11
1623Hannah Goldring 17:11
186Simon Blair 17:24
199Ed Carter 17:26
2044Sabrina Pace-Humphreys 17:36
2116Jessica Dicks 17:39
2251Andy Sampson 17:49
2335Danny Johnston 17:51
2453Simon Small 18:13
2557Maximilian Triebnigg 18:30
2625Ulrika Gustafsson 18:34
275Rose Blackie 18:49
2856Mia Thomsen 19:19
2943Ben Ollivere 20:04
3034sarka jeremic 20:37
3141Grace Natoli 21:26
3238Ann Marie Larkin 21:34
3355Phil Tailby 22:37
3415Wendy Dale 22:41
357Ann-Sofie Brittmark 22:52
3629Kyle Henderson 23:24
3721Nicholas Edwards 23:54
3840Ryan Moore 24:53
3932Heidi Isernhagen 25:18
1Sherry Barker DNF
2Calvin Barnard DNF
8Tom Bukowski DNF
11Jazmin Cole DNF
14Marilena-lulia Cotan DNF
18George Economou DNF
19Maria Economou DNF
20Nicky Economou DNF
27Simon Harris DNF
30Mark Henderson DNF
37Per Kronstrom DNF
46Matt Pilgrim DNF
59Guy Wolverson DNF

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