Highland Ultra | Stage 1 Results

‘Wet and wild’ were the words of the day out here in Knoydart.

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‘Wet and wild’ were the words of the day out here in Knoydart. The BTU team have been busy at work with limited signal so apologies for the sporadic updates. 

Our runners had an early rise on Knoydart beach, with waves lapping the shore and rain billowing in from the sea. Yesterdays stage is some of the toughest weather we’ve ever faced out here, but runners trooped on and the BTU crew kept everyone safe and smiling at the checkpoints.

After Race Director Kris King started off the ceremonies on the beautiful yet dreich (wet!) longbeach the runners were off, blasting through the town of inverie and out round the peninsula. 

Firstly the runners took on a coastal loop through an area deemed temperate rainforst, then along the beach and into their first section of bog. Smiling runners piled through knee deep mire as Scotland gave them a proper welcome. 

A quick check in at CP1 was the only thing slowing the progress of the front runners as they bounded up past the iconic cross landmark and into the first climb. Rough weather followed and those at the back of the pack took the brunt as gusting winds, sideways rain and occasional hail encumbered the runners. Deep river crossings and low hanging mist made it all the more challenging, but those making it over to CP2 were rewarded with spectacular views. 

Titanic mountains plunge into sea lochs that are reminiscent of Nordwegian Fjords, and the runners are treated to a stunning coastal route that ends in Kinlochhourn.

The runners bedded down early in preparation to take on the magnificent mountain stage ‘Kinlochhourn’.

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Day 1
NameStage 1 Finish Time PositionGender Position
Robert Richardson6:19:0011
Craig Hamilton-Smith7:18:0022
David Nicolas7:35:0033
Edward Moore7:39:0044
Marie-Lou Alemany7:50:0051
Giuseppe De Rosa8:18:0065
Jules Bardwell8:30:0076
Nolwenn Denis8:32:0082
Tom Sullivan8:32:0097
Brittney Stewart8:33:00103
Aum Gandhi8:34:00118
David Mohring8:42:00129
Tom Watson8:51:001310
Melissa Aragon8:56:00144
Simon Jukes8:59:001511
Kaspar Konist9:09:001612
Maggie Cartwright9:37:00175
Craig Brewitt9:47:001813
Craig Oulton9:47:001914
Jenny Labitzke9:49:00206
Patrick Quint9:54:002115
Tamsin Dobson10:07:00227
Victoria Saker10:08:00238
Jeanine Ball10:18:00249
Adrian Derungs10:48:002516
Jonny Pain10:52:002617
Aaron Trindall11:07:002718
Julian Garcia-Santos11:10:002819
Alison Graham11:48:002910
Samuel Nova12:09:003020
Yves Garrigue12:47:003121
Ben Smith13:15:003222
Dominique ChartonDnfDefDnf

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