Ice Ultra 2019 - Race Results

All our Ice Ultra runners have achieved something amazing by pushing themselves to the limit in Europe's last remaining wilderness...

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Our Ice Ultra 2019 runners are home and thawed out, ready to start planning their next adventure.  All of them have achieved something amazing by pushing themselves to the limit in Europe’s last remaining wilderness, whether they grabbed a place on the podium, finished the full distance, took on the short course or were taken out of contention by illness or injury.

NameRunnerOverall DurationOverall Position
Abram Nelson4423:03:001
Skirmantas Sukackas6423:57:002
Marcus Smith6025:43:003
Benjamin Rodgers5326:48:004
Brian Markussen3826:50:005
Frode Lein27:50:006
Sarah Watson7228:07:007
Derrick Khan3128:28:008
Liis Pagil4728:32:009
Barry Cork930:28:0010
Simon Davies1130:48:0011
Simon Wilson7430:55:0012
Marcus Savage5730:56:0013
Sam Pearson5031:13:0014
Reiko Kato2931:58:0015
Stephen Parker4932:01:0016
Yosuke Ikuta2632:19:0017
Sam Rodwell5433:20:0018
Thijs Leroy3633:26:0019
Dietmar Rosenau5534:04:0020
Mel Kinder3334:28:0021
Neil Kinder3234:28:0021
Charlotte Riley5234:36:0023
Christine Horner2436:14:0024
Douglas Ruddock5636:24:0025
Giles Hindle2337:33:0026
Sarah Vaughton6937:54:0027
Charles Wallis7038:07:0028
AJ Millward4238:22:0029
Kamei Tomotaka6738:30:0030
David Hill2238:39:0031
Edward (James) Savage5838:51:0032
Charlotte Fox1639:11:0033
Mike Fox1739:11:0033
Yutaka Fujioka1939:15:0035
Nigel Fishburn1539:21:0036
Ranger One39:42:0037
Karl Hinett740:01:0038
Henry Chaplin640:01:0038
Max Labouchere3540:09:0040
Mark Entwistle1240:30:0041
Alexander Stephenson6140:35:0042
Tarquin Stephenson6240:37:0043
Richard French1841:07:0044
Betina Karlsen2841:14:0045
Robert Hutchinson2541:55:0046
Flossie Carpenter442:07:0047
Richard Van Aardt6843:08:0048
Nakata Keiko3043:21:0049
Naoi Tanaka6643:26:0050
Timothy Wright7544:10:0051
Jacqui Burke344:17:0052
Zoe Carr544:17:0052
Isabelle Kurzava3444:50:0054
Yoshiaki Ishihara2745:14:0055
Takashi Okada4546:53:0056
Anna Rhodes5147:25:0057
Keiko Matsuo3948:33:0058
Amy Strode6348:49:0059

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