Ice Ultra 2024 | Stage 3 Results

Treacherous footing, frigid temperatures, and frozen lakes marked Stage 3 of the Ice Ultra. Read on for the results and race report!

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Treacherous footing, frigid temperatures, and frozen lakes marked Stage 3 of the Ice Ultra. Read on for the results and race report!

The runners traversed over sixteen miles of frozen, windswept lake with poor visibility – an extreme navigational challenge requiring mental and physical fortitude. This is where the toughest are forged. If Kabla was the hardest physical challenge, the isolating white out of Lake Karats may well require the most mental resilience. At the end lay Laxholmen, an island sanctuary promising warmth and a place to recover for those who could make it.

Tarryn Gordon-Bennet was once again the first female over the line, arriving at Laxholmen in 6hrs 46mins – further extending her lead of the overall Women’s race to a dominating 9hrs and 49mins. Tarryn’s pace has been unrelenting for three days now and nothing seems to be slowing her down. Second over the line was Emma Roper in 10hrs 20mins, with Olivia Keating and Jane Kelly hot on her tail, finishing in 10hrs 38min and 10hrs 45min respectively.

In the Men’s race Alex O’Shea further extended his overall lead. Alex reached the end of the stage in just 5hrs 53min, but it wasn’t plain sailing as George Bath was hunting him across the ice. George, who finished just five minutes behind Alex in 5hrs 58mins, will be looking to close in on the leader over the coming stages, and with brutal conditions, fatigue and poor visibility it’ll take the toughest just to finish.

Next up is Stage 4 – Sámi. Named after the indigenous Sámi peoples, who form the local race team and have excellently maintained this year’s route, the stage will wind over more frozen lakes, straddling the line between exposed mountain plateau and claustrophobic pine forest. Semi-nomadic Reindeer roam near Sámi villages, with the runners experiencing the beautiful but fiercely challenging duality lived by the local peoples that have called this part of the world home for thousands of years.

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You can live track the runners as they tackle the course by clicking here.

NameGenderBIBStage 3 Finish TimeStage 3 TimeStage PositionStage Gender PositionOverall TimeOverall Position
Alex O’SheaMale29.01:23:00 PM5:53:001119:23:001
George BathMale4.01:28:00 PM5:58:002221:30:002
Juan Fernandez CatalinaMale15.02:07:00 PM6:37:003322:16:003
Andre ErasmusMale13.02:15:00 PM6:45:004423:01:006
Tarryn Gordon-BennettFemale17.02:15:00 PM6:45:005122:56:005
Jonathan HarmanMale20.02:16:00 PM6:46:006522:23:004
Daryl GreenMale19.02:59:00 PM7:29:007624:34:008
Bert GosseyMale18.03:15:00 PM7:45:008723:55:007
Kyle EvansMale14.03:25:00 PM7:55:009826:53:0011
Jules BardwellMale2.03:30:00 PM8:00:0010926:11:0010
Peter SmithMale35.03:56:00 PM8:26:00111028:35:0013
Nick Denoon-StevensMale11.03:58:00 PM8:28:00121125:38:009
Jack DaveyMale10.04:15:00 PM8:45:00131228:55:0014
James IzzardMale21.04:22:00 PM8:52:00141332:15:0019
Freddie BennettMale5.04:25:00 PM8:55:00151427:45:0012
William KellyMale25.04:43:00 PM9:13:00161529:40:0015
Bobby TallonMale36.04:43:00 PM9:13:00171629:40:0015
Patrick GillenMale16.04:51:00 PM9:21:00181731:18:0018
Cordi van NiekerkMale38.04:55:00 PM9:25:00191833:02:0023
Sherief ElabdMale12.05:08:00 PM9:38:00201930:26:0017
Robin KellyMale24.05:20:00 PM9:50:00212033:27:0024
Rob WoodMale42.05:25:00 PM9:55:00222141:42:0035
Emma RoperFemale32.05:50:00 PM10:20:0023232:45:0021
Chris SmithMale34.05:50:00 PM10:20:00242233:22:0022
Barry WhiteMale41.05:50:00 PM10:20:00252332:36:0020
Olivia KeatingFemale22.06:08:00 PM10:38:0026334:51:0026
Jane KellyFemale23.06:15:00 PM10:45:0027435:18:0027
Ross CollisonMale8.06:20:00 PM10:50:00282434:05:0025
Dominic LonghurstMale27.06:39:00 PM11:09:00292535:37:0029
Morgane RivièreFemale30.06:45:00 PM11:15:0030536:23:0031
Paul VenterMale39.07:00:00 PM11:30:00312635:35:0028
Sia KindbergFemale26.07:14:00 PM11:44:0032636:22:0030
Dan-Emilian CroitoruMale9.07:50:00 PM12:20:00332737:04:0032
Tian WatsonMale40.08:30:00 PM13:00:00342841:49:0036
Nahed SarigFemale33.08:45:00 PM13:15:0035740:36:0034
Rosie BurnhamFemale6.08:49:00 PM13:19:0036840:04:0033
Chelsea MatherFemale28.09:45:00 PM14:15:0037942:12:0037
Gareth RobertsMale31.09:45:00 PM14:15:003829#VALUE!38
Duncan TebbMale37.0DNSN/A3930#VALUE!39

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