Ice Ultra Race Report 2017 - Stage Three

The temperature dropped to -22°c last night. There were some very tired runners at the start line this morning...

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Stage Three

The temperature dropped to -22°c last night.  There were some very tired runners at the start line this morning.  It’s been another sunny day though and the runners soon thawed out.

Today has been as much a mental test as a physical one.  Clear visibility on this stage can be a blessing or a curse.  On one hand you see the beautiful surroundings; the mountains and pine forests that sprawl around you.  On the other, almost the entire second half of the course is one long frozen lake on which you can see destination and know you won’t reach it for hours.  It doesn’t seem to be getting closer.  It’s especially bad for anyone out there long enough to end up crossing in the dark.  Those lights appear at the end of the lake and seem to move away as quickly as you shuffle towards them.

The runners are into their groove now and, though starting to look fatigued, they seem to be getting it.  The pre-race admin in the morning looks well-oiled now as each of them falls into their own routine.  With the monster stage tomorrow they will need to be absolutely on top of their admin tonight.

There are still runners out there on the ice and the temperature is dropping fast.  There are warm huts waiting for them though with beds and wood burning stoves to keep them toasty.

Vicente continues to look inexplicably strong.  The fight now is around second third and fourth places with Austrian, Jungle Ultra veteran Karl Heinz Reigl, Japanese runner Takao Kitada and Dutchman Taco Jongman fighting it out.

They’ll all need to get as much rest as possible as tomorrow is the longest stage.  A 64km grind and with snow forecast for the whole day, it’s going to be a tough one.

Stage Results

NameRace NoStartFinishTime
1Vicente Garcia13008:05:0013:54:0005:49:00
2Taco Jongman10907:36:0014:31:0006:55:00
3Takao Kitada11107:36:0014:34:0006:58:00
4Karl Reigl12907:36:0014:39:0007:03:00
5Maritz Theron12207:36:0015:10:0007:34:00
6Will Roberts12007:36:0015:34:0007:58:00
7Eric Chan10507:36:0015:59:0008:23:00
8Paul Chan10407:36:0016:11:0008:35:00
8Paul Bowker10307:36:0016:11:0008:35:00
9Emma Zadrozny12507:36:0016:15:0008:39:00
10Aaron Trindall12407:36:0016:17:0008:41:00
11Matt Zadzrozny12607:36:0016:29:0008:53:00
12Ewan Dryburgh10607:36:0016:30:0008:54:00
12Joey Patrolia11707:36:0016:30:0008:54:00
13Carolin Botterill10207:36:0016:34:0008:58:00
14Ann Marie Larkin11207:36:0016:57:0009:21:00
15Jon Richardson11907:36:0017:35:0009:59:00
16Andrew Barber10107:36:0017:56:0010:20:00
17Jane Lightfoot11407:36:0018:04:0010:28:00
18Andrew Wicking12807:36:0018:13:0010:37:00
19James Mowbray11607:36:0018:19:0010:43:00
20Kari Mcdonald11507:36:0018:33:0010:57:00
21Phil Snowden12107:36:0018:40:0011:04:00
David Harris10807:36:00DNF
Saul Treherne12307:36:00DNF
Andreas Lledo12707:36:00DNF

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