Jungle Ultra 2023 | Stage Four Results

Today our runners came back with a new found respect for the jungle...

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This stage really did give our runners an epic jungle experience. Today split the field with those that were able to, taking on the full course of 34km through thick dense jungle, and the rest the 28km Short Course. The heat and humidity sucked up every last ounce of energy and the climbs seemed to go on forever. The only breaks from the relentless grind were the rafts, boats and zip wires they took to clear the biggest obstacles. Though they were also treated to a warm welcome from a local community at our checkpoint in the village of Mameria.

James Izzard clinched an outstanding win in extremely tough conditions. He is going from strength to strength in this race just as his rivals begin to tire, and is opening up a clear lead. John Belton took 2nd place today, followed by Spencer Matthews who takes 3rd. Gabriella Mathisen continues to have a great race and is currently positioned 5th overall and is the leading woman by a commanding distance.

Whilst not among the runners following the Global Race Series rules, Ruben Quehue also put in a fantastic performance today to be the second over the line, much to the delight of the home crowd. After Stage Four then, James Izzard remains overall leader, but John Belton now moves into 2nd place and Spencer Matthews into 3rd.

Other key performances were from Matthew Knight and Julian Eley who had a fantastic day on the course. They took strength and support from each other, and looked surprised themselves to finish the long course.

All of our runners came back today with a newfound respect for the jungle. It was an epic day, and there are many in camp tonight astonished at what they have achieved so far. And there’s still one more day to go.

Unfortunately, Karl Alvarez and Kris Bollen have had to retire. They have both run great races but today the jungle was the winner. They are both safe and well. It’s a particularly bitter pill for Karl who was pushing to complete the full Global Race Series in the shortest time possible. An extremely tough runner, we’re certain Karl will be back.

Just one more day to go, and it’s the longest of them all.

Wish them luck.

Stage Four Results

110James Izzard13:0105:34
32Evaristo Quehue13:0205:32
24John Belton15:1007:40
319Spencer Matthews15:1407:44
413Matthew Knight16:2608:56
59Julian Eley16:2608:56
618Gabriella Mathisen20:1212:42
26David RouseSHORT
25Jakob RisbjergSHORT
12James JoyceSHORT
14Chris LaneSHORT
15Tanya LaneSHORT
29Attila SzilagyiSHORT
16Ann Marie LarkinSHORT
28Frederick SoederstroemSHORT
5Dave BenisonSHORT
2Carl BamfordSHORT
30Genevieve ThompsonSHORT
1Karl AlvarezDNF
6Kris BollenDNF
11Chris JenkinsDNF
7Diane ByrneDNF
20Matthew MonaghanDNS
8Chung Yin ChanDNS
23Jonny Pain DNS

Overall Leaderboard After Stage Four

110James Izzard03:3605:2803:2805:3418:06
32Evaristo Quehue03:3006:2403:4705:3219:13
24John Belton04:2806:2705:5207:4024:27:00
319Spencer Matthews04:3706:4105:5207:4424:54:00
413Matthew Knight06:0108:1906:0808:5629:24:00
518Gabriella Mathisen05:0408:2806:3012:4232:44:00
69Julian Eley06:3209:1307:5208:5632:33:00
26David Rouse05:1006:5106:19SHORTSHORT
25Jakob Risbjerg05:4608:1607:01SHORTSHORT
12James Joyce06:0108:1907:01SHORTSHORT
5Dave Benison05:1008:1708:22SHORTSHORT
14Chris Lane06:3209:1307:52SHORTSHORT
15Tanya Lane06:3209:1307:52SHORTSHORT
28Frederick Soederstroem06:3509:0508:02SHORTSHORT
2Carl Bamford06:3009:0008:22SHORTSHORT
29Attila Szilagyi06:5809:1307:52SHORTSHORT
16Ann Marie Larkin07:1309:1307:52SHORTSHORT
30Genevieve Thompson07:1309:5008:35SHORTSHORT
DNF1Karl Alvarez03:3605:2804:56DNF
DNF6Kris Bollen06:3009:0507:01DNF
DNF11Chris Jenkins08:1811:40DNFDNF
DNF7Diane Byrne07:13DNFDNFDNF
DNF20Matthew Monaghan06:21DNFDNSDNS
DNS8Chung Yin Chan
DNS23Jonny Pain

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