JUNGLE ULTRA | Stage One Round-up

The runners packed up their hammocks and prepared their equipment in the cool morning air. Stage one results are here!

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“The scenery is amazing, but this is bloody hard” was the quote of the day from Peter Mellon, who strolled across the line in (4hrs 35mins).

The runners packed up their hammocks and prepared their equipment in the cool morning air. Low lying cloud saturated the start line as Race Director Kris King opened up the proceding, giving our intrepid runners the lay of the land and welcoming Juan Carlos, a local government representative to start the race!

The runners stomped off down a newly laid road, the only one in and out of Manu national park, before dipping off into the forest. This would be their first taste of Jungle proper, but not their last.

They were met with a near vertical descent that got their quads burning and required careful footing. Slippery mud, treacherous tree roots and knotted ropes marked their traverse down into the valley, before their first river crossing and the medical team at CR1 greeted them. Here they were hydrated and checked over before the day’s biggest feature, the Jungle wall.

The real test started with them clambering up steep slopes covered in loose dirt, hauling themselves up hand over hand on ropes laid by our local Peruvian team, before taking on a lung busting ascent to CP2.

The runners then enjoyed the epic splendour as they followed the road down to their evening camp, passing massive waterfalls and small frontier villages before arriving at the camp.

The first runners in the door had plenty of time to recover, pitching their hammocks and dipping under their tarps to get out of the mid day sun.

The official winners of the Men and Women’s races are as follows:

Stéphane Pagani crossed the line in a blistering 3hrs 18mins, taking the road sections in his stride and really putting distance between himself and the chasing pack. Lynsie Miller didn’t realise she was first female as she crossed the finish line in just 4hrs 23mins. Lynsie put on an excellent show in the Jungle sections and made excellent time at all of the checkpoints. 

Following on from Stéphane was Ben Harrison and Marshall Maine in 3hrs 28mins and 3hrs 31mins, crossing the line within a few minutes of one another. The pair had leapfrogged each other the whole race, really pushing the pace as they hunted Stéphane.

Behind Lynsie came Kate Smyth and Ioana Barbu in 4 hours 35mins  and 5hrs 20mins respectively, both Women put in a strong showing out on the course, taking the jungle and road sections in their stride.

Stage two of the race starts at 7am local time, where our runners will descend further down into the valley and take on ‘Amazonia’.

View the full race results down below, and if you want to learn more about the Jungle Ultra make sure to download the racepack by clicking here.

NameGenderRace NumberTimePositionGender PositionLocal Race
Stéphane PaganiMale333:18:0011
Ben HarrisonMale183:28:0022
Marshall MaineMale273:31:0033
Inia RaumatiMale363:37:0044
Matthew MayersMale293:57:0055
Scott MacDonaldMale264:20:0066
Lynsie MillerFemale314:23:0071
Guisepe De RosaMale144:27:0087
Peter MellonMale304:35:0098
Augustus RoydsMale394:35:00109
Kate SmythFemale414:35:00112
Ross GrangeMale164:43:001210
Lukasz AdamczykMale154:44:001311
Emanuel BrunnerMale84:49:001412
Mohamed Ali El HachaniMale124:50:001513
James AllanMale24:58:001614
Mark ReillyMale374:58:001715
Kevin WaltonMale434:59:001816
Ioana BarbuFemale45:20:00193
Cedric DelavyMale95:25:002017
Robert DuncombeMale105:25:002118
Rachel BelmontFemale55:30:00224
Patrick OmalleyMale325:30:002319
Swen LosinskyMale255:48:002420
Gage SmithMale405:48:002521
Harry EdmondsMale115:57:002622
Eleonoora HintsaFemale195:57:00275
Marc RhodesMale385:57:002823
Jemma HardingFemale175:58:00295
Ed HortonMale205:58:003024
Charlotte ThompsonFemale426:01:00317
Robbie HughesMale216:39:003225
Hugo LeefeMale236:39:003326
Bruce WrightMale456:39:003427
Monique ParkerGrantzFemale357:00:00358
James LodgeMale247:37:003628

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