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Flying is a necessary evil when it comes to reaching our remote and beautiful races. Our new partnership can help you offset that carbon.

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With the #JungleUltra just around the corner, there will soon be a lot of excited runners heading to a far-flung, beautiful and remote location for the adventure of a lifetime.

We work alongside the communities local to our races, to leave the beautiful areas we visit in a better position after we leave. Flying is a necessary evil when it comes to reaching these places though and these journeys have a big effect on the size of your carbon footprint.

This is why we teamed up with Mossy Earth to help build a Beyond the Ultimate Native Oak Woodland, which will help to offset the emissions we make whilst travelling the globe. Here’s Matt, co-founder of Mossy Earth to tell you about the project.

To learn how you can support our conservation efforts head to:

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