Mountain Ultra 2023 | Stage Two Results

Yesterday the runners were faced with everything the mountains can throw at you...

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These results were delayed coming through from Kyrgyzstan but given the remoteness of this course, there’s little surprise there. This race takes place on trails that are rarely used and where any communication but GPS tracking is unworkable. It’s a very BTU place to race!

Yesterday the runners were faced with everything the mountains can throw at you. A mild early morning gave way to searing sunshine just in time for the really arduous climbing, only to then give way to wind and hail. A storm on the horizon threatened to sweep the course at one time but mercifully dissipated in the distance.

By all accounts, Stage Three has been much the same so far. Sunny and mild on lower ground. Cold and harsh at height.

The results of Stage Two and the overall standings so far are below:

Stage Two:

Race NumberPositionTime of FinishFinish TimeM/FName
8113:15:0005:45:00MJon Shield
14213:15:0005:45:00MMichael McLean
22314:35:0007:05:00MTim Drummond
1415:01:0007:31:00M Ben Harrison
17515:17:0007:47:00MRussell Jackson
10615:28:0007:58:00MKarl Alvarez
13715:28:0007:58:00FKristina Madsen
18815:33:0008:03:00MSherief Elabd
11916:06:0008:36:00MKeri Morgan
151016:09:0008:39:00MMitchel Newth
41116:10:0008:40:00MDailp Shekhawat
31216:24:0008:54:00MCarlos Coelho
61316:56:0009:26:00MHendrik Kroon
231417:32:0010:02:00FZoe Carr
51517:42:0010:12:00MGareth Evans
191618:33:0011:03:00MSimon Halpin
211718:33:0011:03:00MSteve Marsh
91818:56:0011:26:00MJose Lima
71920:13:0012:43:00FJacqui Burke
162020:13:0012:43:00FOlivia Keating
2DNSdnsMBrian Keane

Standings after Stage Two:

PositionRace NumberNameM/FStage OneStage TwoTOTALTime Behind Leader
18Jon ShieldM03:37:0005:45:0009:22:00+00:00:00
214Michael McLeanM03:53:0005:45:0009:38:00+00:16:00
522Tim DrummondM04:42:0007:05:0011:47:00+02:25:00
310Karl AlvarezM04:06:0007:58:0012:04:00+02:42:00
413Kristina MadsenF04:06:0007:58:0012:04:00+02:42:00
71Ben Harrison05:03:0007:31:0012:34:00+03:12:00
617Russell JacksonM04:48:0007:47:0012:35:00+03:13:00
818Sherief ElabdM05:41:0008:03:0013:44:00+04:22:00
1011Keri MorganM05:46:0008:36:0014:22:00+05:00:00
114Dailp ShekhawatM05:54:0008:40:0014:34:00+05:12:00
96Hendrik KroonM05:43:0009:26:0015:09:00+05:47:00
1415Mitchel NewthM06:31:0008:39:0015:10:00+05:48:00
123Carlos CoelhoM06:31:0008:54:0015:25:00+06:03:00
135Gareth EvansM06:31:0010:12:0016:43:00+07:21:00
1723Zoe CarrF06:47:0010:02:0016:49:00+07:27:00
1519Simon HalpinM06:31:0011:03:0017:34:00+08:12:00
1621Steve MarshM06:37:0011:03:0017:40:00+08:18:00
189Jose LimaM07:19:0011:26:0018:45:00+09:23:00
1916Olivia KeatingF07:19:0012:43:0020:02:00+10:40:00
207Jacqui BurkeF07:30:0012:43:0020:13:00+10:51:00

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