An Introduction to the For Rangers Ultra

What is it? Where is it held? What makes it so amazing? Everything you need to know is right here...

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For Rangers Ultra

What is the For Rangers Ultra? Where is it held? What makes it so amazing?

Well, everything you need to know is right here in the newest video to drop on our YouTube Channel.

The For Rangers Ultra is a 135-mile ultra-marathon run in partnership with Save the Rhino International, ForRangers and Beyond the Ultimate. ALL profits go directly into initiatives which help to improve the welfare of the brave Rangers who stand guard over our world’s beautiful wildlife.

It’s a new race, the 2019 edition is only the 2nd time it has been run, but we’ve poured all the experience we’ve gathered around the world into this project and we have partnered with teams at For Rangers and Save the Rhino who are exceptional at what they do.

The race runs across five wildlife conservancies. Lewa, Borana, Lolldaiga, Ol Jogi and Ol Pejeta. These are some of the most protected and exclusive places on Earth. Places at the forefront of the fight against illegal poaching which are also possessed of some of the most beautiful grasslands in all Africa.

Filmed at last year’s inaugural event, this video explains everything the race has to offer, from it’s beautiful wildlife, it’s massive African skies and the amazing rangers who patrol the course throughout.

The ballot for the 2020 race opened in early August and will remain open until the 2019 race ends in late September. Fill in a registration form on our For Rangers Ultra page NOW to be in with a chance of joining us in Kenya in 2020.

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