Desert Ultra 2022 | Stage Four

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“Sometimes all you need to do is put your head down and accept your stupid decision making” – A quote heard today as an exhausted runner reached checkpoint 2.

Day 4 is notorious for praying on runners who are struggling. Starting this stage feeling sick or nauseous is really hard to recover from and that is the unfortunate tale for experienced Craig Williams, who had to bow out at Check point 1.

Today was a half marathon, uphill, on soft sand and at the hottest time of the day. It is our fun idea of a “rest day”.

Starting at 11:30 runners climbed and climbed until they reached the exposed plateau where our camp is situated for the night. Jack Tunney who seems to be getting stronger by the day took the win, followed by Bernard Defour and then the danish power house Kristina Madsen, who felt much better today.

Tomorrow is the last stage, the long one, 92-94km through some of the most protected and beautiful area of Namibia. Only a few have ever run that far in one day never mind at the end of a 4 day self sufficient ultra marathon. This stage is not only the longest stage on any BTU race but also the most brutal. It is where medals are earned.

Below you can see the results from today’s stage. We will share the overall results so far tomorrow as soon as the stage starts. 4:30am local.

PositionRace NumberNameM/FFinish TimeTime taken
112Jack TunneyM2:35
23Bernard DefourM2:37
318Kristina MadsenF2:42
439Andreas GastM2:52
59David ClementsM3:10
615Karl AlverezM3:21
711Grzegorz TusnioM3:23
838Vanessa KeillieF3:37
822Marie Louise AlemanyF3:37
1032Rafael LochowskiM3:58
1119Lee QuinnM4:00
124Brian BellM4:02
1337Stephen MurrayM4:03
141Alexander LinkenbachM4:04
1526Mia ThompsonF4:06
1633Sherif OwadallyM4:10
1731Philip TunneyM4:24
1725Mckenzie MaddisonM4:24
1936Simon WergenM4:28
1920Marcus BealeM4:28
205Christian SpangenbergerM4:38
2035Simon RedmanM4:38
2228Olivia KeatingF4:39
2229Peter KliestM4:39
2221Marianne KliestF4:39
256Christina KhinastF4:40
2534Silvia CzajaF4:40
278David GuetzM5:15
2817Kelly LasleyF5:36
DNF14Jonathan MillerMFinished Stage
DNFDietmar RosenauMFinished Stage
DNF27Mitchel NewthmFinished Stage
DNF2Alison GayfFinished Stage
DNF7Craig WilliamsMDNF
DNF24Mark HambermDNF
DNF30Peter GodbeheremDNF
DNF16Kathryn DohertyfDNS
DNF13Joe AskewmDNS

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