Desert Ultra 2022 | Stage Three

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Stage 3 is usually a war, today didn’t disappoint.

Today is just a marathon. Easy right? After two 50km days in a row, some would argue that todays 42.6km long stage should be a walk in the park.

The first 15km of the course is in the ugab river bed, the soft sand here makes this section particularly hard to traverse, it is both energy sapping and soul destroying for the runners. Fortunately, some soft cloud cover took the edge off the morning heat. This didn’t last long though as the punishing temperatures soon showed up just after midday. Our trusty local team and medics sprung into life as the runners slumped into checkpoint three.

Out at the front, frenchman Bernard Dafour put gained an early lead, only to miss a flag while in full race mode and squander it. This mistake allowed young Jack Tunney to make the most of the opportunity and stretch out a lead and take home his first ever stage win. Race leader Kristina Madsen struggled with sickness most of the day, an unfortunate way to spend her birthday. She will need to rely on her experience to maintain her healthy lead on the female course record.

At the back, Kelly Lasley faces her own battle with limited time to turn herself round for the next day. This is the part of the race where tired bodies are exposed by the heat and tomorrows stage is often the day it happens. Our team lovingly call tomorrow the “rest day”. A 22 km slog up a sandy incline, setting off at the hottest time of the day. <insert evil laugh here>

Tonights camp is the most likely spot for our runners to see the Desert adapted Elephant that inhabit the area. The runners have been lucky in the last three editions, this years runners will be hoping they keep form.

Thanks for tuning in again. We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

Todays results are below.

Race NumberNameFinish TimeTime takenFinish TimeTime takenTotal Time
18Kristina Madsen13:28:0005:28:0013:48:0005:48:0011:16
3Bernard Dufour13:56:0005:56:0014:07:0006:07:0012:03
12Jack Tunney14:01:0006:01:0014:07:0006:07:0012:08
39Andreas Gast14:15:0006:15:0014:16:0006:16:0012:31
15Karl Alvarez14:16:0006:16:0014:42:0006:42:0012:58
35Simon Redman15:05:0007:05:0016:05:0008:05:0015:10
5Christian Spangenberger15:02:0007:02:0016:18:0008:18:0015:20
9David Clements16:02:0008:02:0015:57:0007:57:0015:59
4Brian Bell16:15:0008:15:0016:50:0008:50:0017:05
11Gragorz Tusznio16:06:0008:06:0017:01:0009:01:0017:07
7Craig Williams16:15:0008:15:0017:00:0009:00:0017:15
19Lee Quinn16:15:0008:15:0017:00:0009:00:0017:15
6Christina Khinast16:05:0008:05:0017:23:0009:23:0017:28
1Alex Linkenbach16:38:0008:38:0017:18:0009:18:0017:56
22Marie Louise Alemany16:45:0008:45:0017:29:0009:29:0018:14
38Vanessa Kellie16:45:0008:45:0017:29:0009:29:0018:14
25McKenzie Madison16:51:0008:51:0017:31:0009:31:0018:22
32Rafeal Lochowski17:21:0009:21:0017:06:0009:06:0018:27
34Silvia Czaja17:33:0009:33:0017:03:0009:03:0018:36
20Marcus Beale16:42:0008:42:0017:59:0009:59:0018:41
36Simon Wergan16:51:0008:51:0017:59:0009:59:0018:50
26Mia Thomsen17:28:0009:28:0017:44:0009:44:0019:12
21Marianne Kleist17:35:0009:35:0018:00:0010:00:0019:35
29Peter Kleist17:35:0009:35:0018:00:0010:00:0019:35
37Stephen Murray17:28:0009:28:0018:25:0010:25:0019:53
28Olivia Keating17:24:0009:24:0018:41:0010:41:0020:05
31Phillip Tunney17:55:0009:55:0018:25:0010:25:0020:20
33Sherif Owadally18:07:0010:07:0018:50:0010:50:0020:57
8David Guetz17:51:0009:51:0019:29:0011:29:0021:20
17Kelly Lasley19:55:0011:55:0020:50:0012:50:0024:45
2Alison Gay18:04:0010:04:00DNSDNF
10Dietmar Rosenau17:26:0009:26:00DNFDNF
14Johnathan Miller17:52:0009:52:00DNSDNF
24Mark HamberDNFDNFDNF
27Mitchel NewthDNFDNFDNF
30Peter GodbehereDNFDNSDNF
13Joe AskewDNSDNS
16Kathryn DohertyDNSDNS
23Mark GoosensDNSDNS

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