Jungle Ultra 2022 | Stage Five Race Results

We stood vigil on the finish line in Pilcopata last night until all the runners had returned from the Long Day, the final and longest challenge of the race.

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We stood vigil on the finish line in Pilcopata last night until all the runners had returned from the Long Day, the final and longest challenge of the race. That runner was Nir Greenberg who arrived at almost 1am, over 20hrs after he left camp at Villa Carmen, and brought this race to a close. Those among the runners who could stay awake sat with us in the Plaza Major and chatted through their experiences over the last week, long into the dark.

A more full race blog will follow once we’re at the other end of our epic journey home, but for now, it suffices to say a massive congratulations to our overall winner Jon Shield who has now one 2 BTU races this year. 2nd position goes to Sergey Shcherbakov and 3rd to Bert Gossey.

Sheila Sanei also claims her 2nd win this year, after another excellent run. Sheila has vocally worried on this trip that she wasn’t tough enough for this environment but she proved herself wrong as we all told her she would. She not only takes the overall win but grabbed Queen of the Hill on Stage Four too. 2nd placed woman was Veronique Levein who has shown immense toughness throughout and who we know has many followers at home who are incredibly pleased for her, with the indomitable Marie-Louise Pharoany taking 3rd.

Two double champions in a single race is unprecedented and we’re really excited to announce that at the medal ceremony soon to be held in the main square.

The final plaudit goes to Charlie Good, a massive, affable character, full of infectious energy, who put in a huge effort to take the King of the Hill section on Stage Four.

Stage Five Results:

Race #NameTime of FinishStage Time
39Sergey Shcherbakov16:1810:55
41Jon Shield16:1810:55
20Kim Mortenson15:5711:27
15Charlie Good16:0211:32
16Bert Gossey16:0811:38
6Christoph Castelberg16:1111:41
23Folke Lemaitre16:2911:59
1James Adams17:0612:36
28Cherif Nait-Saada17:0612:36
21Stefan Landolt17:2212:52
8Tim Drummond-Smith17:4213:12
37Sheila Sanei19:4215:12
36Robert Rodriguez19:4615:16
11Johann Oyolfson20:1115:41
24Veronique Levein20:1115:41
42Markus Stocklin20:1115:41
43Gregorz Tuznio20:1115:41
32Marie-Louise Pharoany22:5718:27
40Dalip Shekhawat22:5718:27
17Nir Greenberg00:5720:27
7David DingsdaleSHORTSHORT
44Shawn WarrenSHORTSHORT
45Shauney WatsonSHORTSHORT
14Aum GandhiDNFDNF
10Rebecca EmslieDNSDNS
18Michelle HinksDNSDNS
19Tony HowarthDNSDNS
27Rena MutaguchiDNSDNS
31Monique ParkerDNSDNS
46Carl WillcockDNSDNS
47Rob WoodDNSDNS
48Taito YasukochiDNSDNS

Overall Standings: Please note – Jon Shield and Sergey Shcherbakov were awarded a 53-minute time bonus yesterday due to a logistical issue outside their control.

Race #NameStage OneStage TwoStage ThreeStage FourStage FiveOverall
41Jon Shield02:5804:5304:0506:4110:5529:32:00
39Sergey Shcherbakov03:5005:3604:2006:4110:5531:22:00
16Bert Gossey04:0405:5004:2506:3411:3832:31:00
6Christoph Castelberg04:0806:0904:4407:0111:4133:43:00
15Charlie Good04:1906:3104:5206:3711:3233:51:00
23Folke Lemaitre03:5806:4704:3607:1411:5934:34:00
28Cherif Nait-Saada04:0106:2305:2708:1212:3636:39:00
1James Adams04:1207:0105:1708:1212:3637:18:00
8Tim Drummond-Smith04:4506:4905:2507:1113:1237:22:00
21Stefan Landolt04:1406:5705:1208:2212:5237:37:00
37Sheila Sanei04:4007:0705:4008:4215:1241:21:00
36Robert Rodriguez04:4407:2806:2008:5715:1642:45:00
42Markus Stocklin05:1507:4906:2008:5915:4144:04:00
24Veronique Levein05:5608:2506:1308:5715:4145:12:00
11Johann Oyolfson05:5608:2506:4808:4915:4145:39:00
43Gregorz Tuznio05:5108:2206:5709:0315:4145:54:00
32Marie-Louise Pharoany06:3508:5707:3209:4718:2751:18:00
40Dalip Shekhawat06:2808:4208:4110:4318:2753:01:00
17Nir Greenberg06:3208:3308:0810:4320:2754:23:00
20Kim Mortenson04:3707:0206:4909:03SHORTSHORT
7David Dingsdale06:2209:1608:05SHORTSHORTSHORT
9Tony Ellis06:0108:3506:40SHORTSHORTSHORT
29Ugo Niango05:1707:2906:2009:10SHORTSHORT
44Shawn Warren06:0108:3506:39SHORTSHORTSHORT
45Shauney Watson06:5609:4208:23SHORTSHORTSHORT
10Rebecca Emslie04:4007:0207:43DNSDNSDNF
14Aum Gandhi06:2806:2308:23DNFDNFDNF
18Michelle Hinks05:1608:59DNSSHORTDNSDNF
19Tony Howarth06:2709:4309:05DNSDNSDNF
27Rena Mutaguchi07:2910:20DNFDNSDNSDNF
31Monique Parker06:3709:21DNSDNSDNSDNF
46Carl Willcock05:1609:29DNSSHORTDNSDNF
47Rob Wood07:2208:26DNSSHORTDNSDNF
48Taito Yasukochi03:5607:0104:5609:03DNSDNF

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