Jungle Ultra 2023 | Stage Three

It was James Izzard that triumphed in the conditions. When asked how it went, he simply exclaimed ‘It was hot!’

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Stage three of the Jungle Ultra starts at a river crossing accessed only by zip wire. As a result, the race was started in three waves, with the fastest group of runners starting from the back. The thrill of the zip wire and plunging straight into flowing cold water of the river, was our runners gateway into the jungle for the day.

Whilst on paper this looks like a shorter stage, the reality is the depths of the jungle endured for the majority of the stage saps the energy from the runners. Throw in the sun, heat and humidity and it makes for an uncomfortable day.

It was James Izzard that triumphed in the conditions. He created a lead of 1 hour 28 minutes over Karl Alvarez who finished in 2nd place. When asked how it went, he simply exclaimed ‘It was hot!’ Evaristo Quehue, aka Ruben, was second over the line in a time of 3 hours 47 minutes. John Belton and Spencer Matthews took joint third having opted to spur each on and play to each other’s strengths for throughout the day.

Today was Matthew Knights’s time to shine. Matt has unfinished business in the jungle as he previously retired on stage three due to heat exhaustion and dehydration. He’s been wanting to put the record straight for a number of years now.  Determined to complete the race and inspired by his fundraising for his nephew who passed away last year, he successfully conquered the stage looking stronger than ever over the finish line. He is one to watch over the next couple of days.

Gabriella Mathisen was back in full throttle as 1st woman and is enjoying her battle with the jungle. She came in 7th overall teaming up with David Rouse for the latter part of the course.

Matthew Monaghan unfortunately was unable to start the stage today, and Diane Byrne and Chris Jenkins retired at Checkpoint 1. All are fit and well and may continue in the race if the medical team are happy.

The runners have been enjoying village life this evening in the small community of Wacharia. John Belton joined in for some football practice with the children, whilst James Joyce played hoola hoop for several hours! A wonderful way to recover from another stage in the jungle. 

Today’s results and overall leader board below.

Stage Three:

110James Izzard10:5703:28
32Evaristo Quehue11:1603:47
21Karl Alvarez12:2504:56
34John Belton13:2105:52
319Spencer Matthews13:2105:52
513Matthew Knight13:2606:08
626David Rouse13:4806:19
718Gabriella Mathisen13:4806:30
825Jakob Risbjerg14:1907:01
812James Joyce14:1907:01
86Kris Bollen14:1907:01
119Julian Eley14:5507:52
1114Chris Lane14:5507:52
1115Tanya Lane14:5507:52
1129Attila Szilagyi14:5507:52
1116Ann Marie Larkin14:5507:52
1628Frederick Soederstroem15:2008:02
175Dave Benison15:4008:22
172Carl Bamford15:4008:22
1930Genevieve Thompson15:3808:35
DNF11Chris Jenkins
DNF7Diane Byrne
DNS20Matthew Monaghan
DNS8Chung Yin Chan
DNS23Jonny Pain

Overall Standings:

110James Izzard03:3605:2803:2812:32
32Evaristo Quehue03:3006:2403:4713:41
21Karl Alvarez03:3605:2804:5614:00
34John Belton04:2806:2705:5216:47
419Spencer Matthews04:3706:4105:5217:10
526David Rouse05:1006:5106:1918:20
618Gabriella Mathisen05:0408:2806:3020:02
713Matthew Knight06:0108:1906:0820:28
825Jakob Risbjerg05:4608:1607:0121:03
912James Joyce06:0108:1907:0121:21
105Dave Benison05:1008:1708:2221:49
116Kris Bollen06:3009:0507:0122:36
129Julian Eley06:3209:1307:5223:37
1214Chris Lane06:3209:1307:5223:37
1215Tanya Lane06:3209:1307:5223:37
1528Frederick Soederstroem06:3509:0508:0223:42
162Carl Bamford06:3009:0008:2223:52
1729Attila Szilagyi06:5809:1307:5224:03:00
1816Ann Marie Larkin07:1309:1307:5224:18:00
1930Genevieve Thompson07:1309:5008:3525:38:00
DNF11Chris Jenkins08:1811:40DNF
DNF7Diane Byrne07:13DNFDNF
DNF20Matthew Monaghan06:21DNFDNS
DNS8Chung Yin Chan
DNS23Jonny Pain

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