Jungle Ultra 2023 | Stage Two

Today the tough terrain and dehydration took it's toll.

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Today the tough terrain and dehydration posed the biggest challenges for our runners. James Izzard and Karl Alvarez teamed up again to take the stage win, and are now firm leaders in the overall rankings. Third place went to John Belton who extends his lead over Spencer Matthews by 23 minutes in the overall. David Rouse had another strong day finishing fifth for the stage and now moves into fifth overall.

Gabriella Mathisen had to find a deeper level of strength today to overcome her challenges in the jungle. She finished as 1st woman over the line and moves into 7th position overall. Tanya Lane and Ann Marie Larkin finish overall as 2nd and 3rd female.

Local runner Evaristo Quehue put in another exceptional performance to finish 3rd over the line.

Unfortunately today Diane Byrne and Matthew Monaghan had to retire. Understandably disappointed, but they are both safe and well.

Today gave our runners an insight into the demands of the jungle. Not only does your body have to be in peak performance, but you need the mindset to find new strength. Good luck to our runners for stage three.

Stage Two Results

11Karl Alvarez11:5805:28
110James Izzard11:5805:28
32Evaristo Quehue12:5406:24
34John Belton12:5706:27
419Spencer Matthews13:1106:41
526David Rouse13:2106:51
625Jakob Risbjerg14:4608:16
75Dave Benison14:4708:17
813Matthew Knight14:4908:19
912James Joyce14:4908:19
1018Gabriella Mathisen14:5808:28
112Carl Bamford15:3009:00
126Kris Bollen15:3509:05
1228Frederick Soederstroem15:3509:05
149Julian Eley15:4309:13
1414Chris Lane15:4309:13
1415Tanya Lane15:4309:13
1429Attila Szilagyi15:4309:13
1416Ann Marie Larkin15:4309:13
1930Genevieve Thompson16:2009:50
2011Chris Jenkins18:1011:40
DNF7Diane Byrne
DNF20Matthew Monaghan
DNS8Chung Yin Chan
DNS23Jonny Pain

Overall Results After Stage Two

Position Race NumberName DAY ONE DAY TWO OVERALL
11Karl Alvarez03:3605:2809:04
110James Izzard03:3605:2809:04
32Evaristo Quehue03:3006:2409:54
34John Belton04:2806:2710:55
419Spencer Matthews04:3706:4111:18
526David Rouse05:1006:5112:01
65Dave Benison05:1008:1713:27
718Gabriella Mathisen05:0408:2813:32
825Jakob Risbjerg05:4608:1614:02
913Matthew Knight06:0108:1914:20
912James Joyce06:0108:1914:20
112Carl Bamford06:3009:0015:30
126Kris Bollen06:3009:0515:35
1328Frederick Soederstroem06:3509:0515:40
149Julian Eley06:3209:1315:45
1414Chris Lane06:3209:1315:45
1415Tanya Lane06:3209:1315:45
1729Attila Szilagyi06:5809:1316:11
1816Ann Marie Larkin07:1309:1316:26
1930Genevieve Thompson07:1309:5017:03
2011Chris Jenkins08:1811:4019:58
DNF20Matthew Monaghan06:21DNF
DNF7Diane Byrne07:13DNF
DNS8Chung Yin Chan
DNS23Jonny Pain

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