JUNGLE ULTRA | Stage Two Round-Up

'Amazonia’ began at 5am, with runners woken by the sounds of the Jungle. Lining up on the startline they faced 32km of brutal downhill running, the temperature and humidity creeping up with each passing kilometre.

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‘Amazonia’ began at 5am, with runners woken by the sounds of the Jungle. Lining up on the startline they faced 32km of brutal downhill running, the temperature and humidity creeping up with each passing kilometre.

They raced off from the start line and down the only road in the valley, with Gage Smith once again racing ahead in what has become a race start ritual, much to the delight of his fellow runners. 

They took in the miles rapidly down the CP1, before waving goodbye to the mountains and hello to the valley, and the expansive Jungle found within the Manu National Park. They passed waving children and modified Tuk Tuks in the frontier town of Patria, a place lost to time that wouldn’t be amiss in a spaghetti western. 

They soon hit the 4×4 track that lead them deeper into the jungle, dodging puddles and water carved ruts as they progressed up the course. It’s here that local runner Reuben, running in kit gifted by BTU runners over the years, loped into the lead. He overtook stage leader Stephane Pagani and bounced through his home turf with ease. He extends his lead in the local race!

After a few kilometres the runners hit their first of many deep river crossings, a picturesque stream that hides thigh deep water and treacherous rocks. One wrong move could mean a slip under the water and some very soggy kit.

They finally arrived into the ranger station as the mid day sun climbed high, burning exposed skin and ramping up the air temperature. Those complaining of the cold in the Cloud Forest will be wishing for it now.

Stephane Pagani (4hrs 11mins) was first man across the line once again, taking the road sections in his stride and ever so slightly building his lead over second placed Ben Harrison (4hrs 15mins), who professed that his road running isn’t quite as good as his trail running. Lucky for Ben it’s all Jungle trails from here to the finish! 

Third place swapped around in this stage, with Mark Reilly (4hrs 29mins) overtaking Marshall Maine (4hrs 34mins). Mark took the stage in his stride, thundering through the river crossings with reckless abandon. Or perhaps enjoying the cool splashing of the water…

The lead female was once again Lynsie Miller, the Scotswoman cruised across the rivers and bounded into camp in good spirits in just 4hrs 58mins. Following closely behind her was Ioana Barbu, who toughed out the hardest part of the course with a smile, finishing in 5hrs 6mins. Behind Ioana was Kate Smyth (5hrs 31mins) in third, coming into the camp alongside Augustus Royds, whom she’s ran with for most of the stage. 

Other notable mentions from the stage are Hugo Leefe, Bruce Wright and Robbie Hughes, who took on the route with a smile on their faces and dragged one another through the hardest sections. The trio, dubbed the ‘london lads’ by the medical team, have consistently put a smile on everyone’s faces. Monique ParkerGrantz (8hrs 38mins) was slowed by an animal encounter but made it across the line with a smile and a story to tell, and James Lodge put in a herculean effort to finish the race after taking a fall early on. Grit and determination got him across the line in 9hrs 48mins. 

View the full race results down below, and if you want to learn more about the Jungle Ultra make sure to download the Race Pack by clicking here.

NameGenderRace NumberTimePositionGender PositionLocal Race
Stéphane PaganiMale334:11:0011
Ben HarrisonMale184:15:0022
Mark ReillyMale374:29:0033
Marshall MaineMale274:34:0044
Scott MacDonaldMale264:55:0055
Lynsie MillerFemale314:58:0061
Ioana BarbuFemale45:06:0072
Guisepe De RosaMale145:11:0086
Swen LosinskyMale255:19:0097
Inia RaumatiMale365:20:00108
Augustus RoydsMale395:31:00119
Kate SmythFemale415:31:00123
Matthew MayersMale295:35:001310
Ross GrangeMale165:38:001411
James AllanMale25:43:001512
Kevin WaltonMale435:47:001613
Peter MellonMale305:51:001714
Eleonoora HintsaFemale195:53:00184
Ed HortonMale205:53:001915
Emanuel BrunnerMale86:04:002016
Marc RhodesMale386:07:002117
Patrick OmalleyMale326:08:002218
Harry EdmondsMale116:18:002319
Rachel BelmontFemale56:29:00245
Robert DuncombeMale106:31:002520
Mohamed Ali El HachaniMale126:39:002621
Charlotte ThompsonFemale426:40:00276
Jemma HardingFemale176:48:00288
Lukasz AdamczykMale156:51:002922
Gage SmithMale406:57:003023
Robbie HughesMale217:17:003124
Hugo LeefeMale237:17:003225
Bruce WrightMale457:17:003326
Cedric DelavyMale97:19:003427
Monique ParkerGrantzFemale358:38:00358
James LodgeMale249:48:003628

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