Ice Ultra 2022 Race #2 | Stage Three Results

The results from Stage Three and Overall Standings

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After leaving the mountains behind at the end of Stage Two, the runners hoped for an easier day on Stage Three. Instead they faced a recurrence of howling winds and poor visibility.

Stage Three Results:

Fit @40300Gluteus Maximus170
Lokal Blok262Jon and Colin254
Misery Loves Company559Knoydart 1403
O'Tavi219Liss and Frode24
Team Extreme293Magic Coyote456
The Ten Percent178Mccing Around520
Murray Brown258
Signal Corps231
The Nav Clan314
The ring Bears374

Overall Standings:


Race #NameTime of FinishStage Time
41Jon Shield12:2304:53
39Sergey Shcherbakov13:0605:36
16Bert Gossey13:2005:50
6Christoph Castelberg13:3906:09
14Aum Gandhi13:5306:23
28Cherif Nait-Saada13:5306:23
15Charlie Good14:0106:31
23Folke Lemaitre14:1706:47
8Tim Drummond-Smith14:1906:49
21Stefan Landolt14:2706:57
1James Adams14:3107:01
48Taito Yasukochi14:3107:01
10Rebecca Emslie14:3207:02
20Kim Mortenson14:3207:02
37Sheila Sanei14:3707:07
36Robert Rodriguez14:5807:28
29Ugo Niango14:5907:29
42Markus Stocklin15:1907:49
43Gregorz Tuznio15:5208:22
11Johann Oyolfson15:5508:25
24Veronique Levein15:5508:25
47Rob Wood15:5608:26
17Nir Greenberg16:0308:33
9Tony Ellis16:0508:35
44Shawn Warren16:0508:35
40Dalip Shekhawat16:1208:42
32Marie-Louise Pharoany16:2708:57
18Michelle Hinks16:2908:59
7David Dingsdale16:4609:16
31Monique Parker16:5109:21
46Carl Willcock16:5909:29
45Shauney Watson17:1209:42
19Tony Howarth17:1309:43
27Rena Mutaguchi17:5010:20

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